What is Art Therapy?
Art Therapy is a unique therapeutic process where art and creativity combine to aid individual growth, awareness and healing, and is aligned with Psychotherapy and Counselling in the overall treatment method. Individuals who choose to use Art Therapy find that the use of images and creativity can provide a more immediate way to express feelings and emotions with the aim to resolve conflicts, ease distress or cope with trauma.

Art Therapy at the Healing Cottage offers a peaceful, holistic and creative space for both creative and talking psychotherapy. Art Therapy supports self expression, healing, exploration, discovery and growth in a safe and non-judgemental space. By using play, colour, texture, line and form, we are able to express feelings and thoughts which are difficult to put into words. Art experience is not essential, art expression is healing within itself. Art work is not judged but incredibly respected.

Please don’t be put off by the Art Therapy. Many clients come to me for typical Talking Therapy or Counselling, and enjoy the calming unique environment and quality of the therapy.

Art Therapy is universal and beneficial for all ages. Recently it has been attracting members of the public who simply want to enjoy a pleasurable and insightful experience. Areas that Art Therapy can be incredibly beneficial in are:

• Grief and loss
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Trauma
• Life transitions
• Relationships
• Mental health & physical disabilities
• Dementia
• Stress